Airport Barricade

• 8 ft. long and 10 in. high barricade, units interlock
• Durable construction, 25 lbs.
• Connectors are molded into the barricade, no pins to lose – allows interconnected units to pivot in multiple orientations between 90o and 180o
• 7o angled sidewall – facilitates visibility – accepts 70”L x 6”H continuous retroreflective sheeting
• Fill with up to 220 lbs. (26 gallons) of water – two fill holes and one drain hole
• Accepts two styles of lights – 360o round, screw on airport lights – standard barricade, bolt on lights
• Two flag mounts
• FOD (foreign object debris) Free
• Forklift access, recessed areas at bottom of barricade
• Stackable for transportation and storage – multiple stacking lugs keep units in place while stacked • FAA Advisory Circular No. FAA AC150/5370-2G compliant

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